PrintReleaf plants trees while you print to offset paper consumption

Replant forests, while you print.

Start your sustainability journey with PrintReleaf.

Printing and paper consumption are inevitable in business, but together we can make a positive impact on the environment by certifiably regrowing our global forests, while you engage with your customers.

Engage with a Unique QR Code, for each commercial print job.

A unique PrintReleaf QR code links to your company profile and certificate, summarizing how many trees have been planted, and where.

  • Certified reforestation for each end customer
  • Media kit to support social sharing
  • Sustainable printing practices
  • Meaningful reforestation projects, that link to multiple US Sustainable Development Goals
  • Automated reporting via API
  • Lifetime certificates to show positive lifetime impact
  • And more!

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Ready? Let's Talk.

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